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I don't have a custom of the drinking.

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I heard a song of Connie Francis from a radio. It was the next day that I made this set.

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English words of Japanese origin

All the bonus words are English words to come from Japanese. I discovered that many words were usable by this game than I thought. However, I do not understand the reason why a word is not included in the dictionary of this game "on Tuesday".

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FF - BKW levels

Some shaped boards, some abstract boards, long bonus words - this one is challangening. Have fun!

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Fish Family1221432007-06-25
Ten Fun Boards

All single hit boards with single locks. Enjoy.

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rosee 2

This set is a combo of both single and double hit boards. Lots of locks and plenty of time to play. I hope you will have fun.

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Mothers Day

As for the date of "Mother's Day", it is different by each country. However, in many countries, there is it in May.

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When I was a summer vacation in the days of a primary schoolchild, I spent it in this peninsula. An earthquake generated in March of this year increased much damage on the land, and I grieved. I show a memory of Noto Peninsula here. Just a little.

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A mixture of single and double hit boards decaded to the butterflies that bring us Springtime beauty. Have fun.

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St. Patricks Day

In our set you will find a happy state of mind. We have put together a combo of single and double hit boards. There are not many locks but lots of green will you find. May the luck of the Irish be with you and have fun.

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Mickey and roseelynn1019312007-03-19
Animal Crackers Babies

Its been a long, long time since I have designed and tested a new BKW set. I know this series was a favorite long ago and hope you will enjoy this edition. A mix of single and double complete boards and locks :o)

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Glory Bee1020892007-03-13

A set of corners and edges that I'd like to dedicate to Roseelyn who reminded me of how much fun this game can be. Thanks, Rosee, and happy spelling.

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Zodiac by Akimoto

It is a wonderful thing that look at starlit sky.

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We send you a valentine greeting filled with locks and hearts and double hit boards. Have a great time.

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Glory Bee, Hoddi, roseelynn1016092007-02-12
Valentines from us to you

The three of us would like to wish a happy valentine day to everyone with this set of of fun levels. Have fun, valentine!

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Glory Bee, Hoddi, roseelynn1015602007-02-12
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