Before You Submit your level set

  • Be sure to test all the level in your set.  You will need to complete all of the levels in your set, faster than the level's “Time To Play” setting, and make sure you see a “yes” in the “Tested” field next to each level before submitting the Level Set to Reflexive. A Level Set that has a “NO” or “TimeOut” in the “Tested” field next to any level will not be put up on the Big Kahuna Words website. To double check that all your levels are tested, go into the level editor, pull down the Edit menu and select Edit Level Set. This will list all the levels in your set. Be sure the Tested column has a Yes for each level.

Submit new level set
Fill in the information below to upload your level set to be published to the Internet.

You must click on the "Browse" button below and then select the file for the level set you created. The file is in the levels folder within your "Big Kahuna Words" folder. Typically that would be C:\Program Files\Big Kahuna Words\Levels\Xxxxx.BKW

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Please Note: All submissions become the property of Reflexive Entertainment Inc. and will be eligible for inclusion in all Reflexive Entertainment Inc. media. This means that we can share your levels with other gamers on the Web, in retail materials, and in any other way. Thanks!